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The perfect quote to describe the MACOMM grad school experience, from one of my books.

Welcome to my digital portfolio!

The final chapter of my graduate school experience at the Knight School of Communications at Queens University of Charlotte will soon come to a close. When I reflect upon the last 2+ years, I realize what an impactful experience this program has been. It has been life changing; not just for my professional life, but for my personal life. I never expected to go through a journey that would change me.

The journey started as an idea about how I might take my career to the next level by taking a few courses. When I applied to get into the program in the fall of 2011, I wrote a personal statement outlining my career path and making a case for why I thought I might be a good fit for the program. I wrote about being laid off after three years at my very first job, and my struggle to once again find my identity. I talked about my goals and my passion for strategic communication. To quote the letter:

Not only am I excited to share my own trials and triumphs with communications professionals in an academic setting, but I am also ready to challenge myself and to think differently about approaching this intricate and ever-changing field.  After researching and comparing similar programs that offer degrees in communications, I am confident that this program is the right fit for me (from my personal statement, 2011).

I couldn’t have been more right. This journey is ending with lifelong friendships, a completely new understanding of the world and my own life, and an appreciation for the experiences and perspectives of others. I absolutely do think differently about communications, and I now have the vocabulary to describe the communication experience even more accurately. I am so glad I decided to take this step, as challenging as it may have been at times.

This portion of my website serves as a digital portfolio chronicling my experience as a grad student at Queens. While this portfolio will provide a glimpse into some of the work I’ve done and the courses I’ve completed during this program, I hope it will also provide an overview of how I have changed as a result. I hope this can be a conduit for conversation, rather than a frozen-in-time report. If you have questions about my courses, the program, or anything else, please contact me. As this program has helped me, I’m happy to help in whatever way I can.

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