Representing Me, Visually

(click to enlarge)

As part of the Organizational and Employee Identity course that I am just about to wrap up (through the MACOMM program at Queens University – which I think you can tell that I love so far), we were challenged to create a “visual representation of your professional identity by creating a personal infographic ‘resume’ and Pinterest board.”

While this project was challenging – I had to try to quickly learn what I could about Adobe Illustrator and graphic design – it was also a really interesting exercise in figuring out and prioritizing those things that really define my identity. (Quick plug to my friend Courtney, who spent tons of time helping me navigate the graphic design world!)

What I found was that, for me, my professional and personal identities really do cross over. As much as I like to think that I can keep my work life and my personal life separate, my personal convictions and passions do factor into my professional decisions and goals. So, my visual resume infographic mirrors that. If I were to send this to a potential employer or client, I would want him/her to have an understanding of what my capabilities are and who I am as a person.

What do you think? If you are an employer, would you want to better understand potential employees through visual resumes? As employees, do you think a visual – one that you would feel comfortable sharing on LinkedIn or other social networks, per se – would help you in your career goals?

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