Digital learning: a snapshot


I am plugging along in school, and I wanted to share with you a snapshot of a typical evening at Queens. Tonight in my comm601 class, which is really the introductory class to this program, we are expanding our digital literacy through a blogging workshop. Here you see fellow student Jennifer sharing her expertise. We will discuss some of our readings around one particular communication theory, and share the results of an assignment we researched this week. It’s cool to share our experiences and hear from other students about what they have been through and how they use these tools. This program helps open students’ eyes to their passions, which is something I didn’t expect but am thrilled about. For me, it is really fulfilling to spend time exploring and sharing with other students, and it makes you realize how precious your time is every day. If you happen to be interested in learning more, let me know – there is an information session in Charlotte next week.

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