Choosing words

We all know that the “face” we put on each day – in our interactions with coworkers, our conversations with strangers, our social media presence, etc. – does not always reflect how we truly feel. For my Goffman fans out there, of course I’m talking about our “front stage” vs. our “back stage.” For those of us in PR, marketing or communications, this juxtaposition is something we think about often.

How we communicate is often a balance of how we feel and how we want to present ourselves. It’s not just the words you say or write, it’s also the meaning behind them. Were you short with a coworker because you are having trouble at home? Are you using your best grammar in an email to your boss because you are hoping for a good performance review?

The thought that I want to leave with you today is from Ralph Waldo Emerson, and was shared on Facebook by my friend Jen.

Emerson quote

Know that you are given a fresh start every day. Every day, you can choose how you communicate with others. Words are very powerful – choose them wisely.

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