Never too late to change your life.

I wrote a little something on LinkedIn today after an unexpected encounter in my office yesterday. Thought I’d share it here too.

It’s never too late to change your life.

Yesterday, a man in his late 50s/early 60s walked into our office at about 4p.m. and told us he wanted to talk to someone about what we do at The Iron Yard. He told us he’d been in banking for 36 years and he – for some reason – realized today was the day. He can’t see a future in banking, and he is ready to move on.

I would love to know what happened yesterday for him to come to that realization.

That “a-ha” moment can happen at any time. Maybe that moment comes when you miss one too many of your kids’ events at school. Maybe it’s more of a gradual realization that your paycheck and your job title aren’t likely to change unless you take action. Taking your career into your own hands and doing something about it is a scary notion. It’s also often where I meet people in my position at The Iron Yard – when they are ready to move forward, somehow, and change their lives. Otherwise, they risk big regret.

The banker from yesterday didn’t really know where to start, but he knew we could help. So he simply asked questions. He doesn’t know a ton about the tech industry, or coding, but he knows he’s good at learning languages and solving problems. That’s pretty much all we need to know to start helping him figure out his career goals and helping him get started.

The point of my story today is this: It’s never too late. If there’s anything I hear from people who graduate from our programs, it’s this. I wish I’d started sooner. I wish I hadn’t been so afraid. I’m so glad I took a chance on myself.

Whether it’s learning to code, applying for a different job, going back to school, or going out on your own…go for it. Don’t wait. Life’s too short.

Oh, and if you don’t know where to start, just ask! Find people who inspire you, or who are doing jobs you’d like to do, and ask them for advice.

(Want to be inspired? Read stories about our graduates here:

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