Ethical consideration

The ability to identify, analyze, and evaluate at least one ethical dilemma or scenario related to communication and advocate a specific course of action.

Ethics are part of everyday life. In this program, part of the core curriculum includes an entire course that dives deep into the history and considerations of ethics. Each course asked us to challenge our own sense of ethics and look at communication problems through different lenses, considering how we each came to believe what we believe.

One of the courses in which I found myself really thinking about ethics was Leadership, Empowerment and the Management of Meaning (COMM629). We had engaging class discussions and I thought a lot about the leaders in my own life – their flaws, their challenges and what I would want to be like if I were to be put in a leadership position.

I read a book as part of the course that opened my eyes to a new way of approaching leadership and introduced me to the concept of Emotional Intelligence. That book was Primal LeadershipRealizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee. Below I have included a presentation my colleague and I put together to introduce the book to our class, as well as my notes from that presentation.

All in all, reading this book and going through this course helped me understand what type of leader I was serving under in my job. I ended up letting that job go and moving on to a position where I could thrive under the leadership and the culture that were a better fit for me. Just another example of how this program has led me down a stronger, more confident path.

Primal Leadership book review presentation outline 1-30-13

Primal Leadership Presentation


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